Can a Leaking Boiler be Repaired?

Once your boiler starts leaking, you have to handle that situation because the leaky boiler will lead to expensive water damage to the structure of your home. You must take urgent action and look for a proper replacement and boiler repair to avoid the severe risk of damage to your property. 

In such situations, people get panic and are not able to handle the situation themselves. Therefore, London Plumbing Pros offer emergency services, and our experts are always ready to solve any problem immediately. So, if you have a leaky boiler, call us, and we will help you. 

Now, you may have a question: Do you have to replace the boiler, or can the leaky boiler be repaired? This depends on the damage and the cause of the leakage, and a professional plumber can tell you about this. But, there are a few things you can check for yourself to catch the reason for the leakage.

boiler repair

Pressure Issues

Most of the time, when you see water around your boiler, it is because of the pressure. All types of boilers have a special outlet pipe that is used to release the extra pressure, and the outlet pipe is put together without sealed fittings to make that pressure escape.

So, you have to look for the water from the boiler. For instance, if you see a tiny amount of water coming out of the pressure in the outlet pipe, there is nothing to worry about. But, if you face a large amount of water from the pressure outlet pipe, that can be dangerous.

Because it simply means that there is too much pressure inside the boiler. You can check for the boiler needle to determine if it is pointing towards the red or the green. If it is on red, you have to call a professional immediately who can solve this problem and save your home from damage.

Damage to the Body or Seals

With time, the boiler expands or contracts due to different reasons. And this expansion or contraction can lead to damage and causes leakages. If you live in an old home and have a doubt of a crack on the body, it is time for a replacement because you cannot repair it.

In addition, if the seals on the boiler are damaged, it also leaks water. Because, after years of continuous using it, rubber seals harden or fall apart. But, if you have a new boiler and suspect damaged seals, it is because of the running overpressure of water inside the boiler.

Thus, this is one of the great reasons for a boiler to leak. But, if it is repaired or you have to replace it, a professional plumber can give you a good idea about that, after inspecting the minor details. 

Loose Joints

As I have mentioned above, the boiler contract or expand due to the change in temperature of hot or cold water; this causes joints to loosen and leak water. And, if you have a newly boiler installed, make sure you tighten its joints to avoid this problem.

If you see water, check all the fitting of the boiler. It would be best to cover all the pipes and tubes that come and go out of the boiler’s body. Moreover, you can use a cloth to dry the area and check if it is leaking again. If the issue continues with a small amount of water, turning the boiler to a quarter-turn can solve the problem.

But, if this doesn’t solve the problem, you have to call professionals for their help.

Round Off!

To summarize the discussion, we can say that you should check the abovementioned things if your boiler leaks. If the problem is severe, nothing would work but call an expert. If you are looking for a professional’s help, nothing can beat the experts from London Plumbing Pros. We offer a comprehensive range of services; from a minor leaking faucet to a significant boiler issue, you will find everything under one shed. You can count on us, and we will surprise you with our excellent services. For our customer’s ease, we offer reasonable rates for our services, so say goodbye to lousy plumbing and have an excellent experience with us.

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