Five Reasons to Install a Bidet Shower in Your Toilet

For centuries, people have used different measures to prioritise private hygiene. Everyone has a different cycle to ensuring cleanliness after taking nature’s call. However, western routines usually follow a strict ‘no-water’ rule to prefer wiping remains with toilet paper. Some new studies and research suggest that using a ‘Bidet Shower’ for said activity could be healthier. While some are intrigued, most are questioning this trend. We are on neither side and fully support using the respective tool. Stick with us and read through this blog to understand why you must install a bidet shower in your toilet. 

What is a Bidet Shower?

A handheld Bidet is a small attachment with a triggering nozzle commonly used in Muslim countries for anal and genital cleaning after urinating and defecating. Also known as a ‘Muslim Shower,’ it is used to clean any faecal or urinal matter bacteria left after the activities. It’s a refreshing option which leaves the user feeling thoroughly cleaned. Apart from this, bidets also have other forms including:

  • Toilet seat 
  • Travel Bidet
  • Bidet attachment
Bidet Shower

Elevated Hygiene

The biggest reason to install a bidet shower is the effective cleanliness. Wiping with toilet paper could be convenient in some cases. However, using water as a replacement is way more preferable. Bacteria and harmful germs cannot be eradicated with just a sheet of tissue. The remains could lead to infection and deadly diseases as it not only spreads around your neither region but also your clothes. It is a common medium used across Asia for cultural importance. For the Muslim community, bidets represent cleanliness so the ablution (wudu) can be preserved. It helps them achieve a state of physician purity. Although it’s not a medically radical device, research has found some health benefits associated with using a bidet shower and its thorough cleaning. 

Reduces Irritability 

Toilet papers have textures ranging from smooth to coarse. Using a sheet alone can be uncomfortable as it leaves residue behind and also rubs against your sensitive regions. Regular use of such products could lead to rashes, redness, and skin irritation. All of this can become a lot uncomfortable. Hence, instead of using toilet paper, one must strive to install a bidet shower in their bathroom and wipe the water off with any toilet paper to minimize damaging the skin.

Eco-friendly Option

We have read many kinds of research stating that a concerning amount of deforestation and tree-cutting happens to create toilet paper, and it’s a popularly used medium across America and Europe. This brings us to another significant reason to install a bidet shower. Bidets are an environment-friendly alternative to toilet paper. They offer comfort to the user while considering the ecosystem surrounding us. Hence, if you are someone striving to save the planet, using the bidet is an impactful way to contribute towards the cause. 

Valid for the Elderly and Disabled 

Toilet paper requires motor functions and precision to serve the purpose. While it can be easily handled by the abled, disabled or specially-abled people can have struggle with it. It’s more about how uncomfortable they can be for such communities. Studies have shown that people with Parkinson’s or mothers recovering from childbirth and PMS find using bidets more convenient. Its design is human and mindful and does not require a strict way to execute the function. In the current era, we do need more hygiene mediums which can be wielded by people with different abilities. 


Toilet paper costs a lot more than water. Once installed, you will be able to not only save the environment but also save your money. The annual cost that goes towards purchasing toilet paper is extremely high and that alone makes for a powerful reason to replace them with soothing and accessible variety of bidet showers. 

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