How much does a plumber cost London? – Plumber’s rates near London

Plumbers usually charge a fixed price or by hour in London. In fact, plumber cost in London by hour is estimated to be around £45 to £80. Moreover, this rate depends on the experience of the plumber and the service you require. Besides, this is just a roughly estimated rate. So, if you want an actual quote, only your local plumber can provide you with the accurate and up-to-date estimate. What’s more, they can inspect and set the price per your needs and demands. Aside from this, there are so many factors that have their say in plumbing expenses. 

plumber cost in London

Factors that affect plumber cost in London

As aforementioned, the plumber cost in London is affected by quite a few factors. After all, London has a competitive and dynamic plumbing market. Thus, the rates of hiring a plumber are always fluctuating. Still, if you want to make an informed decision, knowing these key factors will help you a great deal:

Type of plumbing service

Undoubtedly, this is the major key factor to impact plumber cost in London. After all, the routine tasks are less expensive compared to complex ones. For instance, it will cost you less to fix a leaky faucet or unclog a drain than a new installation in bathroom or repairing the broken sewer line.

Complexity and Time 

If you need help with a complex plumbing task, more time is required by the plumber to get it done. Thus, the charges will increase with each hour that ticks by. Besides, complex tasks demand more expertise, labor, and specialized equipment. And all these can make the costs go up. 

Hourly vs. Fixed price 

As aforementioned, the plumber you hire will either charge you by hours or by service. Thus, if the plumber is charging you a fixed price, there will be more transparency in the service. After all, the hourly service charges always vary. 

Reputation and Experience

Plumber cost in London gets higher when you hire an experienced plumber with a high reputation. After all, such plumbers have a strong track record. Thus, they are seasoned and ask for more cost upfront. Still, their expertise is totally worth it as they can save you from expenses in the long run. 

Location in the London

Clearly, different areas within London have different plumbing costs. For example, the suburbs of London are less expensive than central London. Because central areas have a higher living cost and demand, plumber cost is higher here to bear.

After-hour/emergency service

Needless to say, plumbing emergencies are a common occurrence. So, if you ever face any such accident, it will cost you more to hire a plumber. After all, plumber cost in London outside of the regular working hours is high – incurs additional charges. Thus, always get the emergency rates beforehand. 

Breakdown of Plumber cost in London

Here’s a rough estimate for most common plumbing services in London. Please keep in mind that the prices can vary depending on the factors above. Moreover, some plumbers even charge a call-out fee – especially for after-hour services. Thus, it is very essential that you contact the local plumber to get the right estimate. Besides, this will ensure that the deal you get is a fair one regarding your plumbing needs.  

Faucet Repairs/Replacements £50 to £150 for a dripping faucet£100 to £300 for replacing a standard faucet
Toilet Repairs/Replacements £80 to £200 for repairing a running toilet£150 to £400 for replacing a standard toilet
Drain Cleaning £80 to £200 for clearing a clogged drain£150 to £500 for hydro-jetting a drain
Leak Repairs £100 to £250 for fixing a simple leak£200 to £500+ for a complex leak
Water Heater Services £80 to £150 for annual maintenance £150 to £500 for repairing water heater£500 to £1,500+ for installation of water heater
Bathroom installations £150 to £300 for installation of sink£500 to £1,500+ for shower or bathtub installation£3,000 to £10,000+ for bathroom installation
Kitchen Plumbing £150 to £300 for new kitchen sink installation £100 to £300 for connecting appliances 
Sewer line services £150 to £500 for clearing clogged sewer line£1,000 to £5,000+ for repairing/replacing sewer line
Emergency services £100 to £300 for emergency call-out£100 to £200 for additional hourly rate

Note: The prices mentioned above are a general estimate. If you want to know the precise on-going rates, you need to contact the local plumber. Only then will you get the exact quote per your plumbing needs.

Tips to get affordable plumber cost in London 

Undoubtedly, if you want a budget-friendly plumber cost in London, there are some tips you can use. Moreover, all these tips are work-proven. In fact, these tips come directly from the seasoned plumbers and experts of the plumbing industry. So, just stay in line with these tips, and you will face no drain in your savings when hiring a plumber in London. What’s more, these tips will get you the best value for your plumbing needs. Here are the tips:

Get multiple service quotes

For a more reasonable plumber cost in London, the key tip is to get multiple quotes. After all, comparing quotes from different plumbers can help you select the more affordable one. This way, the charges will remain within your budget. Besides, many plumbers offer additional discounts with their service quotes. 

Always check the credentials

When hiring a plumber, it is very vital that you check the credentials. In fact, make it a rule to only hire plumbers who have all the necessary license, certifications, and insurance credentials. After all, this is the on-going industry standard. It also ensures coverage for any damage that may accidently occur. 

Read online customer reviews

The best way to assess whether the plumber cost in London is worth it or not is to read the online reviews. From service professionalism to the plumber behavior, you will find everything you need to know in the reviews section. Besides, a high-rated plumber will provide you maximum customer satisfaction. 

Maintenance/preventive services

Another best trick to help you avoid costly expenses on hiring a plumber is this. After all, regular maintenance ensures that the plumbing system of your place stays in the most optimal condition. Besides, you should also inquire about maintenance packages. Most plumbers have on-going packages for regular maintenance services.

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