How to Clear Air-Locked in a Central Heating System?

If you are experiencing cold radiators or taps that are not providing any water, your central heating system could have an airlock. The most common signs are that you might hear tapping or banging sounds, and your boiler pressure is low. Moreover, radiators are not functioning correctly, and failing to get hot water is also a common sign of the failure of the heating system. 

But, it would be beneficial if you have a professional’s help, and they will take the stress of removing the airlock from you. Therefore, you can count on London Plumbing Pros if you need anyone. This trustworthy company has people with decade-long experience who make it easy to remove the airlock without creating much disruption.

Maybe, you are wondering what an airlock is. So, let’s elaborate a little bit.


What is an Airlock in Radiator?

An airlock can happen when water vapor gets trapped in a heating system, obstructing the flow of water into the radiator, which can result in the radiator not getting warm. The heating system circulates hot water throughout your home to provide warmth, but as the water is heated, it may produce excessive water vapor that can cause this problem.

How to Clear Airlock from Your Central Heating System?

If you have an airlock in your heating system, it can be easily removed by bleeding the radiators. This process involves removing the trapped air from the system, and it is recommended that you bleed all your radiators, including the ones that are cold all the way through and cold at the top.

For a more detailed guide on bleeding radiators, please refer to our comprehensive guide. However, we have provided a brief summary below:

Step 1: Turn off your central heating and allow the system to cool down for around 20 minutes.

Step 2: To prevent any water from escaping, place a dry cloth or towel beneath the radiator you want to bleed.

Step 3: Using a radiator key, slowly turn the valve anti-clockwise to open it. You will hear a hissing noise as the air is released from the system.

Step 4: When the hissing noise stops, all of the air has been removed from the system, and you can close the valve.

Step 5: Check your boiler pressure and turn the heating back on. Once it has heated up, check your radiators for any cold spots.

By following these steps, you can easily remove any airlocks in your heating system and ensure that your radiators are working efficiently.

How to Clear an Airlock in your Hot Water System

To remove an airlock from your hot water system, please follow the steps provided below:

Step 1: Locate the stopcock tap, typically found under your kitchen sink, and turn it clockwise to shut off the water supply.

Step 2: Open all the taps in your home, starting from the top floor and working your way down, including the taps in the downstairs toilet and bath. The water should eventually stop flowing.

Step 3: Flush all the toilets until there is no more water left in the tanks.

Step 4: With the taps still open, turn each one so that it is almost off, but not completely. This will allow a small amount of water to pass through.

Step 5: Turn the water supply back on by adjusting the stopcock.

Step 6: Adjust each tap to about halfway and wait for a few minutes before turning them on to full.

At London Plumbing Pros, our team of experts is equipped to handle any issue with your heating system, including clearing airlocks. Airlocks can cause your radiators to not heat up properly, which can make your home feel cold and uncomfortable. Our skilled technicians will efficiently and effectively remove any airlocks in your heating system, ensuring that your radiators are working efficiently and providing warmth throughout your home. With years of experience and a commitment to providing top-quality service, London Plumbing Pros is the trusted choice for clearing airlocks from your heating system. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get your heating system running smoothly again.

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