Must Have Tools for a Stellar DIY Plumbing Job

Professional help for everyday issues and domestic tasks is very easy to seek. However, they can be costly and hassling. So, in such cases, homeowners and independent living beings must pull their pants up and get to work themselves. One example of such a troubling yet wieldable role is that of a plumber. Some issues require the expertise of a certified plumber and cannot be executed by a person with no knowledge of the field and its mechanisms. But other issues can be minor and fixed with YouTube videos, a sturdy plumbing tool kit, and a whole lot of positive self-talk.

DIY Plumbing

In this blog, we will unveil a must-have list for a DIY plumbing fan. Stay tuned to see whether our list matches the items in your toolbox, and if not, you better start taking notes.


Plungers should always be available in your home, even without a need for DIY plumbing. From clogged sinks to toilets, plumbers can be used to efficiently clear any blockage. Without spending any unnecessary money, you can resolve minor plumbing issues with the help of a plunger. 

Wrench Variety 

We cannot emphasize this enough, but your DIY plumbing kit must possess a sustainable variety of wrenches. Preferably, the following range:

  • Pipe Wrench: One for adjusting the grip and the other for holding
  • Basin Wrench: Used for adjusting the bolts on faucets and sinks 
  • Shower Valve Socket Wrench: For fitting and adjusting shower valves
  • Adjustable Wrench: With a versatile range of purposes, these work perfectly
  • Specialty Wrench: As the name suggests, these have specific uses 

Metal File

Metal files are used to smoothen up any rough edges left after the cutting. The sharp metal corners or plastic pipes can damage your fitting or repair pace. With the help of metal files, you can make sure that your DIY plumbing job stays steady and reliable from start to finish. 


Tongue-and-Groove Pliers have a handy set of jaws that can be used to tighten, loosen, hold, and twist at any needed point. Moreover, their convenient design allows the user to wield a diverse range of things. 

Plumber’s Tape

Used by non-plumbers and plumbers alike, this tape is used to fix, hold, and grip at any required position. Chances are, you are going to need this at least once during DIY plumbing occasions. Plumber’s tape mostly acts as a sealing and holding medium to execute the job properly. 

Plumber’s Putty

This water-resistant putty acts as a perfect sealant for faucets, sinks, toilets and more. Using a putty knife, you can apply this flawlessly and fix any minor leaks, cracks, or similar issues at home. 

Faucet Keys and Washers

A spare set of washers is a vital DIY plumbing tool, available in all hardware stores, and knowing the exact model and size of your replacement is a neat trick. Faucet keys have a set and allow the user to deal with all sorts of stems and settings efficiently. 


Toilet Augers are designed to secure the porcelain nature of toilets. They allow the blockage to go down the sewage system safely. Hand-crank toilet augers are used as an alternative to plungers. When plungers seem useless against an issue, it’s time to whip out the Auger. 

Propane Torch

This might not be used a lot in DIY plumbing but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Make sure you know how to handle this tool properly and you will be able to thaw, clean, and attach wires pipes, etc. Heat treatments and blazing are some of the everyday purposes of this dandy tool. 

Drain Snake

Just as the name suggests, your DIY plumbing will become a lot easier with this tool, Unlike an Auger, a drain snake is used to pull the blockage back up so it can make way for other stuff to pass through. 

Some more helpful DIY plumbing tools include stubbing screws, hacksaws, pipe extractors, benders, cutters, etc. 

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