Step-by-step Guide to New Boiler Installation

Fitting a new boiler may seem simple because people think it is just replacing the old one with a new one. However, there are various things you will need to keep in mind that may affect your new boiler installation. And, for this, you must need the help of professionals, who with their expertise install boilers properly.

You may think installing a new boiler can be an actual expense, but it is essential to have the boiler services to keep it functioning correctly. In this way, it ensures that it is safe and efficient. Moreover, it is good to check that your boiler is working efficiently before the change of season.

If you are looking for a well-reputed and professional company for new boiler installation, nothing can beat the capability of London Plumbing Pros. We have multi-skilled people in our team who will discuss the main things with you before installing the new and removing the old boiler.

New Boiler Installation

Boiler Installation Process

Various methods depend on how complex the boiler replacement process is when installing a new boiler. Therefore, there are a few steps involved in new boiler installation, and let’s dive into the details and find out more about these steps.

Removing the Old Boiler

Before our engineers begin to fit the new boiler, they will need to remove the old one. You can make this easy for them by cleaning the space where you want to install a new boiler. If you wish to install your boiler in the attic, it should be accessible via a safe walkway and stairs. The heating engineer has to remove old pipework and radiators for a more complicated boiler fitting before installing the new boiler.

Alter the Pipe Work

Old boilers are designed in a way that they get air back to the boiler, and that is not very efficient. Thus, we altered the pipes to add new piping in the middle with a ventilator and filter so that it would take excess air out through the newly installed air vents.

New Boiler Installation

Once we remove the old pipework and boiler, it is time for the new boiler installation and its pipework. The boiler should be mounted accordingly on the same spot o scale depending on the size of the boiler. Then we connect the new boiler with the pipes, radiators, pumps, water supply and other outlets. Moreover, depending on the type of boiler, you can join the water storage tanks for hot and cold.

The Controls

When you check all the connections, now it’s time to connect it to the electric control units. This is helpful for everyone because, in this way, anyone in the home can easily change the home’s central heating without going to the boiler room.

Test the New Boiler

It’s now time to ensure that everything is working smoothly and done correctly. Therefore, our heating engineer will start the boiler and test the water to see that everything is working as planned. Furthermore, check the thermostat valves and every faucet in the house to give sufficient hot or cold water. You can check the central heating system too. You can go back to the boiler and notice if there is anything wrong and fix that problem instantly. When we find out that everything is working safely and securely, you can now enjoy the newly installed boiler. 

So, these are the essential steps for the new boiler installation. But, if you hire a professional to install it, you do it yourself, and you will have a smooth and decent heating system. This boiler can heat the water coming out of the faucets, and it can keep the water pool warm; you can use the warm water for various purposes. Thus, we can say that it is an excellent addition to your home.

A Quick Wrap Up!

To wind up all the discussion, we can say that you might think that new boiler installation is expensive, but I suppose you might be wrong because London Plumbing Pros make your investment worthwhile. We have a professional and trained team that instals the boiler according to the needs of the homeowners because we understand your requirements so that you will be in safe hands. Our specialised central heating engineer with years of experience covers all your needs. Moreover, if there is any problem or damaged part while installation, our team will fix it so that you don’t have to face the problem again; in this way, you get a smooth boiler that works efficiently. 

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