Things You Didn’t Know About Plumbing

Every profession or occupation has a distinct origin and history. With the essence of the craft located centuries back, we can understand a lot more about any field. When we talk about plumbing, we think back to the housing plans and the rise of architecture. When people started building commercial and residential locations, the need for maintenance also arose. Over the years, the area of expertise has seen many changes, improvements, and developments. Like any other career, it has various tidbits of stories or information that set it apart or simply are food for thought. In this blog, we will unveil some great facts about plumbing. Stay tuned if you are just as curious as we are!


From ‘Plumbum’ to Plumber

The word ‘Plumber’ came from the Latin word Plumbum which represents Lead. Lead’s symbol in the periodic table is Pb which is an abbreviation for Plumbum. Plumbum could be an offensive term to refer to a professional so it was replaced by ‘Plumber.’

The Crapper

While the idea of toilets came from John Harrington in the late 1500s, Thomas Crapper was definitely involved in making them more common amongst the general public. Hence the terms ‘John’ and ‘the Crapper’ are used nowadays to refer to the loo. 

The First Sewage System

Plumbing led to the urgent need for a sewage system found in 3000 BC. in Mohenjo-daro of the Indo Valley. The modern sewage system which is used all across the West was first designed and implemented in the 1800s. 

Corncobs for Wiping 

Toilet papers were not always around so what did people use back then for wiping? Well, it was reported that people used corncobs for the purpose in ancient civilizations. 

Flush to Save 

There are two basic types of toilets; Low-flush and high-flush. Low-flush toilets require less water and hence are more sustainable than high-flush toilets and hence make for an environmentally aware choice. Moreover, by fixing a leak, you can save around 3000 gallons worth of water annually. 

Origins of the Drainage System

We can thank the water and pipe system of the Indus River Civilizations for modern-day plumbing and drainage routes. They made eco-friendly sections out of mud and earth to ensure a regular and unobstructed flow. 

Seoul’s Toilet-themed Park

There is a popular toilet-themed park in Seoul, Korea, which is one of the city’s major attractions. From toilet bowls to interesting sculptures, it is filled with a series of strange but fun spots. 

Einstein’s Preference 

Einstein held great regard for Plumbing and wanted to be a plumber in his next life. So the next time you underestimate plumbers, remember that even a genius wished he could be one. 

Mario and Luigi

Here is another fun plumbing fact; Mario and Luigi are reported to be the most famous plumbers in the entire world. The overalls and costumes were also a neat way to emphasize that. 

Plumber turned Musician 

A plumber and a musician walk into a bar. Well, Ozzy Osbourne could be either of the joke’s subjects. The musician was a plumber’s apprentice before he transferred his devotion to another type of flow. 

World Plumbing Day 

There is an official but less-known world plumbing day. It is celebrated every year on March 11th. So the next time you need a plumber’s help on this date, make sure to acknowledge their help. 

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