What is the hourly rate for a plumber in the UK?

Plumbing is a complex job. In fact, these days it needs special knowledge and tools for quality outcomes. Thus, you can forget about DIY if you want your plumbing system to last longer and better. Besides, the plumber hourly rate in UK ranges from £40-£60 hr with an average of £50/hr. Moreover, the call-out fee can be £100. Clearly, this call-out fee is usually applicable when you need an out-of-hours service. In fact, you should even expect that the plumber will charge you an emergency rate of around £80-£120/hr. This emergency rate is twice that of the regular hourly rate. Needless to say, if you do not want to pay this additional cost, you can always wait out to hire the plumber during their given service hours. Just keep in mind that the situation can escalate badly if you wait it out. 

Although it is legal to do the routine plumbing maintenance yourself, hiring a seasoned professional is always a better and more reliable idea. After all, these seasoned professionals have the expertise and tools to give you the worth of your money. In fact, the amount you pay for a plumber hourly rate in UK is only worth it if you hire a reputable and professional plumber. Besides, such plumbers have the know-how of UK Water Regulations and the requirements of the UK Building Regulations. Thus, they are the best option you have for an industry compliant service. 

Plumber hourly rate in UK

Price List of Plumber hourly rate in UK

Here is a pricing guide of plumber hourly rate in UK for you. In fact, you can calculate the overall cost of a standard plumbing quote if you follow this pricing guide. Obviously, plumbers handle tasks that range from repairing leaky taps to installing fixtures. But how much they charge hourly for these varying services depends on the complexity. Thus, if you are not aware of the plumbing costs, this pricing guide is all you need. After all, here we have chalked different plumbing services that the plumbers tackle. Clearly, you can use this pricing guide as a benchmark to calculate the plumbing costs from the estimates given with each service type. 

Plumbing task Plumber hourly rate in UK
Toilet replacement £200 to £800
Shower installation £200 to £1300+
Unclog shower drain £50 to £80
Replace a bathtub £180 to £3500+
Repairing a leaking radiator Up to £130
Replace new radiators £100 to £800
Shower tray repairs £150 to £300
Unblocking a toilet £50-£90
Replace a hot or cold tap £80 to £150

Note: the rates compiled above are from various sources. Moreover, all the rates above are a general estimate. You can use this data to guide your research. But if you need an actual quote on plumber hourly rate in UK that is precise and proper, you need to contact the local plumber for it. After all, only the plumber in your area can give you a price quote based on your service needs.

Factors that affect plumber hourly rate in UK

When you receive a quote on plumber hourly rate in UK, there are so many factors that affect it. These factors can help you budget your plumbing expenses better. So, if you want affordability in terms of plumbing costs, these are the key factors that you need to know:


When you face a plumbing emergency, the chances are high that the service cost will be high. After all, the plumber hourly rate in UK is nearly double if you call them after routine hours. Moreover, these extra charges are solely on the plumber to decide. Still, most plumbers only charge you a reasonable amount for after-hours service. What’s more, there is always a call-out fee of around £100 and sometimes mileage too.


Surprise to no one, the cost of living is different across the UK. Thus, plumber hourly rate in UK varies with the location. For instance, the labor charges in Southeast England are up to 20%. This is more than that of the other parts of the country. Anyway, you should always get hourly quotes from the plumber before you hire them. 


Because plumbing is a time-taking task, the amount of time for each service varies. Seasoned plumbers are usually aware of how long it takes to do a specific job. For instance, they can tell you the exact time it takes them to change a tap or replace a toilet fixture. So, if you have a time-taking task, know that the plumber hourly rate in UK will be high for you. 


Plumbers use materials in all the plumbing jobs – almost. For instance, they use lengths of copper pipes and tabs or sinks and radiators. Thus, the quantity and quality of this material affects your budget. After all, if you want quality material for your place’s plumbing system, the charges will add up in the plumber hourly rate in UK.  

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